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4 Reasons You Should Hire Professional Drain Cleaning Experts

Squeak's plumber inserting hydro jet into the toilet to clean the drains.

After you’ve been wrestling with the plunger for an hour or two only to make no progress resolving that clogged shower drain, slow sink, or blocked toilet, the thought of hiring a professional drain cleaning company has probably wandered across your mind.  While many people assume that a DIY approach is guaranteed to solve their […]

How to Understand Sump Pump Tank Maximum Capacity

Undersized sump pump working hard to drain water in flooded basement.

Understanding the maximum capacity of a sump pump tank is fundamental for homeowners looking to protect their basements from flooding and water damage effectively. The “tank” here refers to the sump pit or basin — essentially the hole in which the sump pump sits. This basin serves as the first line of defense against water […]

What Happens if You Pour Grease Down the Drain?

Hand holding pan with cooking grease under running water in sink.

Have you ever wondered what happens if you pour grease down the drain? It’s a common scenario in kitchens everywhere. Whether it’s bacon grease or cooking oil, the temptation to let it slip down the sink can be strong, especially when you’re in a rush. Unfortunately, this seemingly harmless action can lead to a host […]

How to Stop a Leaking or Dripping Faucet

Faucet dripping water

Dealing with a leaky faucet can feel like facing a relentless foe — it drips, it drops, and it never stops! But fear not because we’re here to arm you with knowledge and strategies to combat those pesky dripping faucets once and for all. Whether it’s the rhythmic drip-drip sound keeping you awake at night […]

How to Prevent Limescale Buildup

Shower head on shower floor, all of which is covered in limescale.

Limescale buildup is a common nuisance in households across the globe, causing frustration and potentially damaging appliances and plumbing fixtures. But fear not! With the right knowledge and preventive measures, you can combat this pesky problem and keep your home running smoothly.  What Is Limescale and Why Is It a Problem? Limescale, also known as […]

How Deep Does a Water Line Need to Be?

Trench with water line installed inside

The depth at which water lines should be buried is not just a trivial question but a fundamental aspect of ensuring a functioning water system. The key here is to protect the pipes from freezing during the cold winter months. The proper depth ensures that the water pipe remains below the frost line, where the […]

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