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5 Ways to Reduce Heating Costs in the Winter

As the temperature plummets, heating bills soar in Denver. Your thoughts probably revolve more around staying warm than lowering your heating costs. However, you can save while staying snug with a little creativity.

Start With Your Furnace

An annual inspection can reveal major issues that could leave you without heat this winter. Many units lose a high percentage of heat to inefficient air ducts and other issues. So, schedule furnace repair in Denver, CO, with Squeaks Family Safety and Home Protection if your unit seems sluggish. More often than not, the earlier you catch a problem, the cheaper it is to fix it.

Keep the Cold Outside

Keep as much of the cold outside as possible. Re-caulk windows to help prevent drafts from turning your cozy nest into an ice cave.

Another draft-busting tip involves the front door. Install a door sweep on the outside of the door to help prevent dirt, snow, and debris from collecting under the door. It can also block cold drafts of wind from seeping under the entrance of your home.

Close the curtains on the east and north sides of your home while letting the sunlight in through the west and south sides. Additionally, closing all your shades keeps your home warmer at night.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Keep the Vents Clear

If you recently moved your furniture around, do a quick inspection to ensure your heating vents are clear. Your HVAC system will have to work overtime to maintain your temperature setting if your vents are blocked.

Thermostat Strategies

Your high (or low) energy bill starts at the thermostat. Many families disagree with how warm is warm enough. If you can try throwing on an extra sweater and setting the thermostat to 68 degrees, you may save a lot of money.

A smart thermostat can also make a great addition to your energy-saving strategy. You can turn up the thermostat about 30 minutes before you come home. This means you don’t have to heat the house all day to avoid coming home to frigid rooms.

Use humidifiers during the cold season to collect warm air naturally. This will help you keep the thermostat down by a few degrees.

Budget Billing

Find out if your utility provider offers budget billing. With this system, you pay an even amount every month, based on your estimated year-round energy use. This prevents exorbitant energy bills in January and February and spreads the extra costs throughout the year.

If your HVAC system is more than ten years old, you should consider replacing it. Therefore, choose an HVAC installation service in Denver, CO, residents trust to replace or repair a heating system — Squeaks Family Safety and Home Protection! Contact us today for your winter heating needs and for more information about our services.

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