Serving Colorado, Denver and Surrounding Areas

Serving Colorado, Denver and Surrounding Areas


Plumbing Services
In Denver, CO

Your plumbing concerns are a serious hassle for homeowners in Denver. Sometimes, they are an annoyance, as in the case of dripping sinks that cost you money. Other times, they are true emergencies, such as when you have a frozen pipe or a sewer that’s backing up. Either way, you need a qualified professional to help you find and fix the problem. In Denver and the surrounding communities, you will find those professionals at Squeaks Plumbing & Heating. We have a team of licensed Master Plumbers who can install, repair, and maintain all of your plumbing systems using the latest technology and high-quality products. If you’re facing a plumbing issue, call Squeaks Plumbing & Heating for help today.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

When you need to fix your plumbing, you have two basic options. You can attempt to do the job yourself or reach out to local plumbing contractors to hire someone to do it. There are many benefits of hiring professional plumbers for your home  plumbing needs, including these:

  • Peace of mind that the work is done well
  • Workmanship guarantees with the right plumbing company
  • The knowledge that mistakes won’t end up costing you more or further damaging your plumbing
  • Insured and bonded professionals
  • Plumbers use the right tools and materials
  • Professionals can find hard-to-detect problems
  • In the long run, hiring a pro often saves money and frustration
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Trustworthy Team of Denver Plumbing Professionals

At Squeaks Plumbing & Heating, we know the fear that can sometimes come when you have to call a plumbing professional. You wonder if you will get fair pricing and accurate workmanship. With Squeaks Plumbing & Heating, you don’t have to worry. Our Denver plumbers take tremendous pride in giving honest assessments of your plumbing concerns with fair pricing from skilled professionals. For both homeowners and business owners, that means peace of mind that their plumbing concerns will be handled well.

Our Denver Area Plumbing Services

At Squeaks Plumbing & Heating, we offer reliable plumbing services that span the full gamut of what you need to keep your home’s water flowing, and with affordable pricing that you can trust. Services from our commercial and residential plumbers:

  • General plumbing repairs: From annoying drips to broken plumbing fixtures, our plumbing team can assist with all of your concerns.
  • Water heater services: We service both traditional and tankless water heaters, including installation and repair services.
  • Leak detection and repair: Let us help you find and fix your plumbing leaks.
  • Trenchless sewer repair: Repair your sewer without digging up your yard.
  • Toilet services: Install a new toilet or repair your existing one with help from our plumbing team.
  • Sump pump servicesWe can install, repair, or maintain your sump pump to protect your basement from flooding.
  • Drain cleaning: If your drains aren’t flowing like they once did, let our professional plumbers clean them to get the water flowing again.
  • Gas line services: Plumbers are the right person to call when you have gas line concerns.
  • Sewer cleaningSlow drains can indicate problems in your sewers as well, and those problems will eventually come back to hurt you, but our sewer cleaning services can help.
  • Frozen pipes: Thaw frozen pipes safely with help from Squeaks Plumbing & Heating.
  • Commercial plumbing: Not only do we offer residential plumbing services, but we also serve Denver area businesses with our plumbing repair and maintenance assistance.
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Why Choose Squeaks Plumbing & Heating
as Your Denver Plumbing Company?

Whether you need commercial or residential plumbing services, you want to work with a professional team that puts your needs first. That’s why you want the expert local plumbers at Squeaks Plumbing & Heating. We are regularly rated as the best in the area due to our friendly, professional team members, and we maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our fast and reliable service means you can fix your plumbing problems quickly. You can also have peace of mind when you hire us because we are bonded, insured, and licensed.

Contact Squeaks Plumbing & Heating for Denver Area Plumbing Services Today

If you require professional plumbers for your plumbing concern, don’t wait. Call Squeaks Plumbing & Heating to get help today. We proudly serve the greater Denver area, including:
  • Arvada
  • Bloomfield
  • Boulder
  • Brighton
  • Erie
  • Firestone
  • Golden
  • Lafayette
  • Longmont
  • Louisville
  • Northglenn
Contact us today, and get professional plumbing from licensed, local plumbers who take pride in what they do.