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Air Conditioner Maintenance

AC Maintenance & Routine Tune-Ups for Denver Homes

Summers’ scorching temperatures can reach as far away as Boulder, Golden, Avarda, and Bloomfield and continue for days without relief. Thankfully most of us use air conditioners. However, if your AC breaks down, you’ll need a reliable AC service provider.

More than reliable, you need a trustworthy service provider that doesn’t take advantage and try selling you upgrades and extras you don’t need. Most importantly, you’ll need certified brand repair technicians to fix or replace your AC equipment. For instance, major brands require special certification to work on their systems.

AC Maintenance Services In Denver, CO & Surrounding Areas

Air conditioner maintenance helps you avoid costly repairs and prolong the life of your cooling and filtering equipment. Seasonal AC maintenance catches minor issues that can get bigger. For example, you must turn the thermostat down to feel cold air. Lowering the temperature makes the system work harder for the same results. It works, but it’s temporary. With protection under one of our air conditioner maintenance plans, we’ll get to the bottom of the minor issues and fix them.

Air quality in the Denver metro area can get stuffy and humid, sometimes getting worse as you travel east. North of Denver (Erie, Brighton, Firestone, etc.) isn’t much better, as much of the region is flat. When a heat wave sets in, air conditioners work overtime.

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Today’s air-conditioners do more than cool your home’s air. Modern air conditioners also clean the air using special filters. An AC preventative maintenance technician ensures these filters work efficiently and replaces them with new filters if needed.

Our winters can be brutally cold, with air conditioning equipment partly exposed to freezing temperatures. Only certified dealers and repair technicians must work on your equipment. Non-certified repair people void the warranty.

Preventative AC Maintenance

Don’t wait until your AC doesn’t work to determine if it works. From Lafayette and Longmont to Louisville and Northglenn, stay ahead of AC downtime with regular AC maintenance. With an air conditioner maintenance plan, you’ll receive many services you will get with a complete AC installation or replacement.

AC Inspection

From window and portable cooling units to complete home cooling and allergen filtering systems, our comprehensive inspection doesn’t miss anything. The best time to do an AC inspection is in the spring, just after the final freeze of the season.

Many parts, like the thermostat, must work together for an efficient AC system. Sometimes they give incorrect temperature readings and need adjustments. Our technicians also inspect the evaporator coil to ensure it works correctly.

AC Tune-up

Sometimes, all your AC needs is a tune-up. Our technicians will complete an AC Inspection and then take the necessary steps to increase your AC system efficiency. We’ll be checking things like the coolant level and filters. Outdoor units usually need their fans cleaned because leaves and debris can accumulate inside the fan housing.

We don’t stop at a simple cleaning. Our technicians check the condensate system and replace the drain hose if it’s not working right. We’ll check the airflow throughout your home, clean the air ducts, and repair them when necessary.

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Benefits of
Regular AC Maintenance

The most significant benefit is saving money. Did you know that today’s home air conditioners can last as long as fifteen years or longer? An extended lifetime can only be maintained with regular comprehensive tune-ups and maintenance.

Regular AC maintenance keeps you and your family healthy by ensuring harmful allergens don’t come in with the outside air. Our techs inspect the HEPA filters and replace them if needed.

Another benefit is peace of mind. Under an AC maintenance schedule, you’ll never worry about an upcoming heatwave taking out your air conditioner. At the first sign of an issue, we’ll inspect and fix the problem.

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