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Do Smart Thermostats Really Save Money?

A woman adjusting a smart thermostat from her smartwatch.

No matter the time of year, you want your family to be as comfortable as possible. Of course, it might feel like this comfort comes at a price — especially if you’re worried about wasting energy and paying for higher energy bills.

Many homeowners are turning to smart home technology to save energy and money. For instance, one type of device gaining popularity is the smart thermostat.

These thermostats are touted for their energy efficiency and ease of use, but are they actually worth it? Do smart thermostats really save money? Many people — homeowners and HVAC technicians alike — would answer yes to both of these questions. We’ll go over why this is the case below.

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

Before discussing how a smart thermostat can save money, it’s important to know how these devices work. Smart thermostats function much like a typical thermostat in that they are hardwired directly into HVAC systems. However, these devices also connect to your WiFi. If you experience a power outage, you can rest assured that your thermostat will still work like it always has.

Depending on the brand, smart thermostats can have various features. These features are user-friendly and help you achieve maximum comfort inside your home.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Save Money?

Smart thermostats really do save money — and in more ways than one. However, it’s worth mentioning that the amount of money you save can vary depending on the climate where you live, the size of your home, and your specific comfort needs.

Are you ready to increase your savings? Let’s discuss how you can cut down on your heating and cooling costs with a smart thermostat without wasting another moment.

Schedule-Setting Capabilities

One way a smart thermostat can save money is with its unique schedule-setting features. For example, you can program your thermostat so that your home is warmer during the day and cooler during the night (when you’re sleeping).

Some devices, such as the Google Nest Learning Thermostat, will get to know your habits and create a schedule based on what they’ve learned about you. These thermostats also have sensors and know when you leave home. If you’ve gone for the day, the thermostat will switch to an energy-saving mode.

Creating a heating and cooling schedule can help save you money in the long run. You’ll waste less energy while you’re away at work or running errands — and this saved energy will certainly add up over time.

Convenient Temperature Control

If you’re still worried about whether a smart thermostat can save money, this next factor might change your mind. Most of these thermostats can be controlled from an app on mobile devices. Think smartphones, tablets, smartwatches — essentially anywhere the app can be downloaded.

What does this mean for you? If you’re running late for work and forget to adjust the thermostat before you leave, you can simply adjust the thermostat’s setting from your smartphone. Since you’ll waste less energy, you can see significant savings on your electricity bills.

In the middle of winter, leaving the temperature set too high can negatively affect your heating system. When you’re able to adjust the thermostat from anywhere and at any time, you can keep your heater running efficiently and potentially avoid the need for an HVAC repair in Louisville, CO.

This type of remote access isn’t something that programmable thermostats can do. Only smart and WiFi thermostats have the capability to connect to smart devices.

Helpful Alerts & Reminders

Some brands, such as the Ecobee SmartThermostat, will send you an alert when they detect a drastic change in temperature inside your home. These temperature changes might be caused by many different things — such as burst pipes — that can potentially disrupt your comfort and energy savings. When you’re aware of these problems, it becomes easier to address them quickly and effectively.

Smart thermostats really do save money — and one reason for this is the reminders they send. Many of these devices will send you a report detailing your energy usage. When your thermostat gives you a report on how much energy you’re using, you can adjust your energy usage accordingly.

Is Installing a Smart Thermostat Worth It?

Although a smart thermostat can save money and energy, it’s understandable if you’re questioning whether or not you should install one. While installing a smart thermostat is worth it for many homeowners, it’s important to focus on your specific needs.

It’s also important to note that not every smart thermostat is created equal. For example, some brands are Energy Star-certified while others are not. Some of these devices utilize voice control, while others simply don’t have these capabilities. If you’re planning to purchase a new thermostat, find one that works for your budget, lifestyle, and priorities.

Lower Your Energy Bills With Help From Squeaks!

Smart thermostats really do save money — but there are other ways to cut down on your energy costs as well. For instance, you might want to install a high-efficiency HVAC system. These units operate on less energy without sacrificing comfort.

No matter your heating and cooling needs, Squeaks Family Safety & Home Protection is here to help. We’re a trusted source for everything from HVAC installations to air conditioner repair in Boulder, CO, and the surrounding areas! Connect with us today for more information about our services!

A woman adjusting a smart thermostat from her smartwatch.

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