The average person uses the toilet around six to eight times a day, which adds up to approximately 2,500 times per year.  At Squeaks, Inc., keeping the toilet operating properly is our job.  If you have a problem toilet, our licensed plumbers will handle it.  Constant clogs, insufficient flushing power, non stop running, and leaks, are no match for our expertise.  Our specialists provide toilet installation and repair across the Denver Metro Area.

Expert Toilet Installation & Repair Service

When a toilet requires frequent plunging, there may be an obstruction in the trap or further down the drainpipe.  It can even be an indicator of a more complex issue in the sewer line.  If the toilet continues to run for an extended period after flushing, the toilet is leaking and can waste up to two hundred gallons in a single day.  This can be caused by a corroded overflow pipe, flush valve assembly, or faulty flapper valve.  Instead of reaching for the plunger, jiggling the handle or paying unnecessarily high water bills, call the experts from Squeaks, Inc..  We offer cost-effective repairs and install modern, efficient toilets that conserve water, trim costs, and operate reliably.  Squeaks, Inc. provides effective, everyday solutions, handling toilet repair and installation with prompt response throughout Denver, Boulder, Louisville, Broomfield, Westminster, Superior & Dacono, CO.