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5 Ways to Improve Furnace Efficiency

Ensuring that your furnace is functioning at optimal efficiency is an easy way to keep your heating costs under control. Here are some simple steps you can take to improve your furnace’s performance without breaking a sweat or your wallet.

Schedule a Furnace Inspection

A furnace that isn’t in good shape won’t be efficient. Squeaks Family Safety & Home Protection offers furnace inspections and furnace repairs in Denver, CO, and the surrounding area. Our technicians can walk you through the inspection process and point out areas of improvement. With your permission, we can perform necessary tune-ups and repairs to bring your furnace’s efficiency levels up a notch. In some cases, however, we may suggest a system replacement as your best option. 

Keep the Thermostat Set

Even something as simple as keeping your thermostat set at a consistent temperature can improve your furnace’s efficiency. If your level of comfort changes between the day and night time, you should consider installing a programmable thermostat. Once you set the desired temperature based on your schedule, the unit automatically adjusts to meet your comfort needs around the clock.

Replace the Air Filter

A dirty air filter doesn’t allow for good airflow; in some cases, it doesn’t allow for any airflow and can damage your system as a whole. This forces the unit to work harder to push warm air through the system, wasting both energy and fuel. Replacing the air filter is an inexpensive way to improve furnace efficiency. You should check the air filter once a month and replace it as necessary.

Insulate the Building

High-quality insulation seals the air in your home to prevent heat loss. This reduces the work that the furnace has to do to keep everyone inside warm. Using insulated curtains, installing energy-efficient windows, and making sure that the doors are insulated properly are some extra steps that go a long way towards increasing your home comfort.

Consider a New Unit

An old and outdated HVAC unit is not going to run as efficiently as a new unit. If your heater is old, it’s time to call Squeaks Family Safety & Home Protection for an HVAC installation service in Denver, CO. A new unit that’s the proper size for your home can help you to stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer. 

Check out these warning signs that your heater is ready to go:

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