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5 Ways to Determine if Your Heater is Energy Efficient

Heating your home during colder days can be quite costly. If you don’t control your heating needs, you can end up paying enormous bills that put dents on your budget. A key factor that raises energy bills in households is faulty heaters that consume higher energy than the standard requirements.

If you have doubts about your heater’s level of efficiency, here are a few ways to be sure.

Determine the AFUE Rating

The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) measures how efficiently the heater can convert fuel into energy and is recorded as a percentage. Heaters with higher AFUE ratings are more energy-efficient. For example, a heater with an AFUE rating of 98 percent means that it only loses 2 percent of the energy. 

Homeowners who live in temperate climates should buy a heater with at least an 80 percent AFUE rating. Those of us in Denver, CO, will benefit more from heaters with 95 perfect AFUE ratings up. Check the user’s manual or the stickers located on your unit for the rating.

Know the Age

Even with the best care and maintenance, heaters lose their efficiency with age. Ideally, the average life expectancy of a home heater is between 15 to 20 years. The energy efficiency level of your heater tends to decline approximately 5 percent every year. The great news is that the market nowadays features affordable and more efficient heaters that use less energy. If your old heater is consuming too much energy, maybe it is time for an upgrade.

Changes in Energy Bills

Sudden and unexplained changes in your energy bills can indicate the existence of problems with your heaters. Comparing your energy bills from each month helps you understand the fluctuations that point to your heater losing its efficiency.

How to Save Heat in Your Home

Energy bills are undoubtedly one of the highest costs for most homes. However, you can use the following tips to save heat and fuel in your home during winter:

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