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How to Improve Your Furnace’s Airflow for More Comfort

Winters in Denver are no laughing matter. While the city may not transform into the barren white landscape that many expect, it does get cold early and stay that way for a long time. To maximize your home’s comfort and minimize your heating bills, it’s important that your home’s furnace functions properly. Take a look at these few ways you can easily improve your furnace’s airflow. 

Unblock Vents

Many times people place furniture or hang long drapes over their vents. This can interfere with your furnace’s ability to push air into the room. In extreme cases, blocked vents can even cause back pressure within the system, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear on your furnace and much higher heating costs. Keep your vents and registers as clear of obstructions as possible.

Keep Vents and Registers Clean

One of the most commonly seen reasons for restricted airflow in a heating system is also one of the simplest to remedy. Dust, pollen, and other debris can build up on the slats of vents and registers. It may not seem like much, but cumulatively it can have a great impact on your heating system’s ability to breathe. Keeping vents dusted as part of your regular cleaning routine can add years to your furnace’s life and help avoid needing furnace repairs in the future.

Have Ductwork Repaired

According to Energy Star, 20% of warm air is lost to leaks in the ductwork. Your ducts are constantly flexing as they heat and cool each time your furnace cycles, which can cause joints to loosen over time. Ductworks can also be damaged by rodents and other animals. Have your distribution system regularly inspected and choose Squeaks Family Safety and Home Protection, a company that specializes in HVAC installation in Denver, CO, for any needed repairs.

Keep Filters Clean

This might seem like common sense but cleaning or changing your furnace’s filters is a chore that is easily forgotten — that is, until they cause damage. A clogged filter puts a strain on your furnace and greatly affects the comfort of your home. You should perform regular filter maintenance on a monthly basis to keep your system in top condition.

If you have spaces in your home that always remain cold or if your heating system seems to keep running forever, the problem may not be with your furnace itself. You may just have an airflow problem. To know for sure, contact Squeaks Family Safety and Home Protection, your year-round climate control experts in Denver, CO, for an inspection.


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