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3 Reasons to Schedule Your AC Maintenance & Cleaning This Spring

Squeaks technician performing AC maintenance

Trying to find an air conditioner repair service in the middle of the summer, with temperatures climbing and the need for sleep beckoning, is a nightmare. You’ve got plenty on your plate as it is, and the last thing you want to do is add another, especially if it’s entirely preventable.

It’s probably no surprise that performing proper maintenance on your AC unit will help keep repairs off your to-do list, but you must time that maintenance correctly. While many people wait until the last possible moment, you should schedule your maintenance now so you can take advantage of a few key benefits.

Reduce the Risk of a Breakdown

It would be a wonderful world to live in if we all could schedule our emergencies around our schedules, but that’s not the way it is, unfortunately. For that reason, you should plan your AC maintenance during the spring. Your AC could be just shy of a failure, and with the weather warming up — and the notoriously lousy accuracy of weather reports — you could easily avoid a sleepless night if you do preventative maintenance now rather than down the line.

Increase the Unit’s Efficiency

Preventative maintenance includes a few different tasks, such as cleaning the system from the inside out. Over time, dirt builds up in the HVAC filters and other components, leading to decreased efficiency, higher temperatures, and increased energy bills. 

You can perform some maintenance on your own to improve your AC unit’s efficiency, such as changing the air filter, but a trained technician will be able to address potential problems that you aren’t able to see with a thorough, top-to-bottom inspection.


As noted before, performing regular maintenance on your AC unit can increase the system’s lifespan and reduce the frequency of the unit breaking down. Generally, an HVAC system is designed to last only 10 to 20 years, which can make it a gamble to trust it to work if your home’s system falls within that range. By performing regular maintenance, you can easily extend the lifespan of your home’s AC unit to the latter half of that range.

To find out more about how HVAC maintenance can benefit your unit or get a quote for AC repair services in Denver, CO, call Squeaks Plumbing Family Safety & Home Protection today!

Squeaks technician performing AC maintenance

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