Everyday use can result in a home’s main sewer line becoming clogged over time.  A blocked sewer line causes some messy and disruptive problems, and these issues needs to be addressed quickly and properly.  The professional plumbers from Squeaks, Inc. are here to help.  We provide effective, affordable, and prompt sewer cleaning across the Denver Metro Area.  If you’re confronted with sewage or waste backing up in drains, loud gurgling sounds, visible roots, or bad smells, don’t hesitate to call.  We provide accurate diagnosis, implement targeted strategies and deliver straightforward solutions.

Sewer Cleaning Service Professionals

Our licensed, trained, and experienced team of plumbers have the specialized tools and technology to pinpoint the source of problems and handle even the toughest challenges.  We take the time and care to provide immediate and long-term results, without causing damage.  If there is a major issue, such as tree roots corrupting the line, replacement may be necessary.  Rest assured, we’ll pursue the most affordable and rewarding course of action.