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Water Heaters

It’s easy to take water heating for granted, until something goes wrong. Since you rely on your water heater every day, and it makes up around twenty percent of your household’s annual energy expenses, you can’t afford mistakes. Squeaks, Inc. makes sure your water heater lives up to expectations without drawing unwanted attention to itself. Whether you’re in need of new installation, replacement, regular maintenance, or repair, our licensed plumbers provide the skilled and meticulous service that ensures proper operation. Call us at (303) 280-5765 for prompt response, organized job sites, and greater value for your investment in the Denver Metro Area.

Accurate Water Heater Repairs, Service & Installations

When your water heater fails to live up to expectations, it can be tempting to grab a water heater off the shelf at the local hardware store and attempt installation.  Although most water heaters look the same on the outside, there are some subtle differences that impact running costs, service life, and  your overall satisfaction.  Installation can be tricky, and even dangerous.  The certified plumbers from Squeaks, Inc. match fuel type, household demand, and installation space to the ideal solution.  We recommend only proven products from leading manufacturers, and deliver reliable and energy efficient performance.  We help you make cost-effective choices, whether repair or replace is the best option.

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