If you’re wondering whether tankless water heating is right for you, the professionals from Squeaks, Inc. can help you decide.  We take into consideration the demands of your household to provide honest answers and knowledgeable recommendations, finding a solution that serves your best interests.  And since we only partner with leading manufacturers, and properly install only products with a proven track record, you can be sure of top quality equipment, greater energy efficiency, and reliable operation.  Squeaks, Inc. handles installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair of tankless water heaters across the Denver Metro Area.

Enjoy the convenience of a tankless water heater installation!

Tankless or on-demand water heaters provide many benefits.  Since these systems heat water only as needed, there’s no need for a storage tank and no reason to constantly maintain a tank full of hot water.  With a life expectancy of approximately twenty years, these modern alternatives last longer, while also eliminating risk of leaks, flooding, and water damage.  You’ll never need to wait for water to heat up, never run short of hot water, and since the water isn’t absorbing contaminants from the tank, it will always be perfectly clean.  Tankless water heaters are also quite compact, freeing up valuable space.  Although you’re looking at a higher startup cost, you can trim your water heating energy costs between ten and fifteen percent, quickly recovering your investment.

For tankless water heater repairs, maintenance, and installation, call Squeaks, Inc.!

Contact Squeaks, Inc. for further information and convenient scheduling.  Our team of licensed plumbers have the practical experience, training, and qualifications to tackle any challenge and deliver satisfying results.  We respect your time, property, and budget, and provide skilled and conscientious service throughout Denver, Boulder, Louisville, Broomfield, Westminster, Superior & Dacono, CO.