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A man replacing a furnace in a home after determining the age of the furnace in Denver, CO.

How to Determine the Age of Your Furnace — A Step by Step Guide

Whether you have just moved into a new home or are wondering if a furnace replacement is in your future, you are probably wondering how old your furnace is.

The unfortunate truth is that every furnace needs to be replaced. Annual maintenance can help your furnace last a long time and avoid costly repairs, but older furnaces will simply begin to lose their efficiency and overall operations. If you’ve had a furnace for about 15 years, it’s time to consider furnace replacement.

If you don’t know how old your furnace is, there is a way you can determine the age.

The Importance of Your Furnace’s Age

Squeaks Family Safety & Home Protection has provided day and night heating service to Denver, CO, for years! We understand the importance of furnace maintenance and replacement.

As a whole, knowing just how old your furnace is can save you both money and time. For instance, an older furnace can result in higher energy bills due to lower efficiency, as well as costly repairs to fix. When you know your furnace’s age, you can decide if it’s time to replace your furnace before larger issues arise.

You might think there’s no need to replace your HVAC system’s individual units as long as they are working. However, newer models have higher energy efficiency ratings and can play a big role in home comfort.

To learn a bit more about your system and its age, follow this step:

1. Locate the Serial Number

You can tell the age of your furnace by its serial number. To find the manufacturing date, locate the sticker on the exterior or interior of your furnace. If you need to find the sticker on the interior of your furnace, pull off your furnace’s removable panel. This sticker will tell you the furnace’s manufacturer and serial number. 

In some cases, you can tell the age of your furnace by the serial number’s first four digits. For instance, the first two digits might tell you the week the furnace was manufactured, with the last two digits signifying the year. For other manufacturers, the first four digits might tell you the year and month it was manufactured.

Despite this, you will likely want to write down the serial number and search the manufacturer’s website. Most manufacturers will have a guide explaining how to decode the serial number and determine the age of your furnace with ease.

If not, you may need to call the manufacturer, who can tell you the age of the furnace by the serial number.

Reach Out to a Professional

If you need help determining the age of your furnace by its serial number or have questions about furnace replacement, reach out to Squeaks Family Safety & Home Protection. We specialize in HVAC services such as heating repairs and replacements for Denver and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today!