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How to Protect Your AC from Lightning

Although this summer season may be winding down, that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet when it comes to lightning and thunderstorms. Here in Colorado, protecting yourself and your property from lightning damage should still be on your mind as long as the summer weather is still around!

How can lightning affect my air conditioning?

When you think of lightning damaging your property, your first thought might be the trees on your lawn or the roof of your home. Many folks forget that power surges caused by lightning can damage your property as well: especially your home’s electrical appliances.


During a power surge, the spike in voltage can damage the components of any home electronics that are plugged in at the time, overloading the system and causing damage via the extreme rise in heat. 


That puts your air conditioner at the top of the list of electronics that could suffer damage. However, there are some quick measures you can take that can go a long way in keeping your AC system safe and sound in the event of a storm!

Power off your air conditioning.

As we mentioned, power surges caused by lightning strikes can damage any appliances that are plugged in. This is true even if the appliance in question is turned off. However, powering down your air conditioning, as well as other appliances, can still help guard your unit against potential damage, making them less susceptible than electronics that are operating at the moment lightning strikes.

Turn off power at the breaker.

By switching off your AC’s power at the breaker, you separate the plugs and any auxiliary appliances from the rest of the electrical system, further helping your system avoid overloads during a power surge. In some instances, there may be fuses or a breaker at the disconnect switch outdoors near the condenser. The particular model and setup may even allow you to switch off the power there, though be sure to exercise extreme caution during inclement weather.

Invest in a surge protector.

By installing a high-quality surge protector and wiring it to your service box, you can maximally protect your home’s AC system. If you’re interested in finding a surge protector that meets your needs, don’t hesitate to ask our crew for some advice!


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