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Reminder: It’s Time to Schedule Your Annual AC Service!

It’s that time of year again! As the days get hotter, brighter, and longer, it’s clear that we’re finally on the cusp of summer. With that in mind, have you given any thought to the state of your AC system? If not, now’s the time to schedule your residential AC services with Squeaks Family Safety and Home Protection. 

When Should I Schedule an AC Service?

The best time of the year to schedule your AC service is between early and mid-spring, just before you start using your air conditioner around the clock. This will give you time to address all the wear and tear your system suffered since the last service. It’s also the time when service technicians and comfort consultants are most likely to be free and work around your schedule. 

My Air Conditioner Works Fine. Do I Still Need a Service? 

So, your air conditioner blows out cold air when you turn it on. That means it’s working fine, right? Not necessarily.

Don’t confuse effectiveness with efficiency. Just because your air conditioner is running doesn’t mean that you’re getting maximum performance out of it. Your air conditioner can still blow out cold air with dirty filters, low refrigerant levels, leaking parts, and other internal damages that aren’t immediately noticeable. The whole point of servicing your AC is to make sure that the system is in the best possible condition. Think of it as preventative maintenance against future damages. You pay a little now to save a lot more later. 

What are the Benefits of an AC Service?

  • Powerful Cooling: The summer heat can be quite stifling in Boulder, CO, and other nearby areas, so you need a powerful cooling system to keep your cool and comfortable without failing when you need it the most. 
  • Extended Lifespan: You want to get the most out of your investment, don’t you? Regular AC services keep the system efficient for as long as possible, so you don’t need to worry about replacing your AC unit prematurely.
  • Avoid Damage: More often than not, routine care and maintenance are all that is necessary to avoid serious damages. When you repair worn-out parts and small damages as they come up, you’ll never be surprised by costly breakdowns. 
  • Save Money: All of the former benefits combined will help you save money in the long run. The more efficient your AC system is, the less energy it needs to run to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, helping you save thousands on utility bills over the years. Plus, you also get to pocket the money you’re saving from avoiding unnecessary and expensive AC emergencies. 

How Can I Make My House Cooler?

Ready to discuss your AC needs? Give us a ring today and we’ll help you decide between regular maintenance and tune-up, AC repair services, or a brand new air conditioner installation. Our services are available for homes throughout Boulder, CO, and the surrounding communities. Let us keep you cool all summer long!

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